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We truly appreciate everyone's participation and hard work on the individual and staff yearbook projects.  We hope that everything you learned will make this year's book the very best!  Congratulations to everyone! 

Can't wait to see the finished 2022 yearbooks!

Staff Awards

Design & Layout

1st Place: Highland High School

2nd Place: Rigby High School

3rd Place:  Layton High School


1st Place: Clearfield High School

2nd Place: Highland High School

3rd Place:  Rigby High School


1st Place:  Highland High School

2nd Place:  Rigby High School

3rd Place:  Farmington High School

Highland High Gold Award.jpg

Gold Award

Highland High School

Rigby High Silver Award.jpg

Silver Award

Rigby High School

Farmington High Bronze Award.jpg

Bronze Award

Farmington High School

Individual Awards


1st Place: Haley Yung

2nd Place: Briley Andersen

3rd Place:  Laura Underwood


1st Place: Krystal Erickson

2nd Place: April Curtis

3rd Place:  Analyse Porter

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