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Jed Palmer

My name is Jed Palmer. This is my first year at Ranch View Middle School and I am vey excited to be a Wolf. I am a veteran teacher with 27 years of experience teaching in Colorado, with 23 of the years in middle school and 20 of them in Douglas County.


I have been teaching computers at the middle school level for 23 years. I have an Instructional Technology Teacher license (K-12) in addition to a K-8 Teacher license. I am CTE certified in Broadcast/Journalism and in Computer Technology. I am also a Certified Journal Educator (CJE) through the Journalism Education Association and will be pursuing my Master Journal Educator credential in the next few years.

I have been advising student publications for 20 years. I was named the Colorado Journalism Adviser of the Year in 2013 by the Colorado High School Press Association. I was also named as a National Distinguished Adviser by the Journalism Education Association. My student publications have earned numerous state and national awards, including induction to the CSMA All-Colorado Hall of Fame and the NSPA National All-American Yearbook Hall of Fame.


Katie Gabbitas

This is my 7th year at West Point Jr. High. I have taught for 11 years now. I started my career at Jefferson Academy teaching 6th, 7th and 9th grade English as well as Foundation Art 1 and 2. I then moved to Millcreek Jr. High where I taught creative writing and 8th and 9th grade English. I've taught 7th and 8th grade English and advise the yearbook here at West Point. I am excited to continue with 7th grade English and the yearbook this year!


A little about myself: My husband, Brady, is from Bountiful Utah, but I grew up as an air force bratt and settled in Utah around 5th grade. I went to Syracuse Jr. High then Clearfield High before going to Weber State University where I got my bachelors in English Teaching. I live here in West Point with my husband Brady, my daughter Braydee Jayne, son Chip, daughter Josie, son Mac and 2 dogs Murray and Walter.


I have always wanted to be a teacher and now that I am in my 11th year of doing it, I realize that I was a smart kid to know my perfect job so young! Being a teacher is great! I love my students and my work. I also love reading and writing as well as being outside with my family. During the summer, I like to watch cartoons, camp, go to Lagoon and try to squeeze a lame road trip or two into my weekends.

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Michael Feik

Michael Feik has been married for 13 years and has 3 boys. He received a degree in art education from BYU-Idaho, and recently earned his masters from the University of Florida in art education.  He has been named the Idaho high school art teacher of the year and the Idaho art teacher of the year along with receiving the National Society of High School Scholars. Michael has been teaching yearbook for 10 years at Rigby High School. He also teaches Ceramics 1 as an adjunct teacher at BYU-Idaho. Under his direction the yearbook staff has created books that have been rated as first place in the ASPA and the NSPA. He has been taking pictures since he was a Jr. in high school which is where he first found his love for photography. Yearbook has grown to be one of his favorite classes to teach.  

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