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Justin Daigle, CJE

Carrie Hendrix, CJE

Derek Miller

Yvette Manculich,CJE

Derek Miller currently teaches high school photography courses where students have the opportunity to earn concurrent enrollment credit  Before teaching at the high school he taught photography and graphic design at a university.  Derek earned a Masters of Business administration in 2014 and values education, one of the main reasons he loves teaching.  He was introduced at the age of 11 with his first SLR film camera, which he still uses today.  Derek is a published photographer and has had many prints on display at local art galleries.

Advising The Prowl Yearbook for 16 years, Yvette, is the multimedia publications adviser at Powell Middle School in Littleton, Colorado. The Prowl staffs have earned both national and local recognition, including nine Gold Crowns and one Silver Crown from CSPA, seven Pacemakers from NSPA and eight All Colorado awards from Colorado Student Media Association (CSMA). In 2017, The Prowl Yearbook was inducted into the CSMA Hall of Fame. The Prowl has earned top honors on NSPA's Best of Show lists.  Yvette presents at both national and local conventions, as well as intensive Herff Jones bootcamp workshops for middle school students in Colorado. A native Californian, and a music and film aficionado, Yvette currently lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with her son, three Boxers, two cats and a gecko. Her goal is to one day return to Southern California and live by the beach.

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